Antonio Espinosa


Granma, 1974

1992-1997 Higher Institute of Art, Havana, Cuba.
1988-1992 National School of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba. (1988-92).
1985-1988 Elementary School of Fine Arts “Carlos Enríquez”. Manzanillo, Granma, Cuba.

Solo Shows
2004 Contraluz: Obra reciente de Antonio Espinosa. (View against the Light: Recent Works by Antonio Espinosa). Tamara Gallery. San Juan. Puerto Rico.
2003 Antonio Espinosa: pinturas y dibujos (Paintings and Drawings). Ana María Matthei Gallery. Santiago de Chile. Chile.
2001  Antonio Espinosa: Pinturas Recientes (Recent Paintings). Praxis Arte Internacional. Lima. Peru.
Antonio Espinosa. Francine Gallery. São Paulo. Brazil.
2000  Paisajes de Antonio Espinosa (Landscapes by Antonio Espinosa). Turquesa Gallery. Hotel Casa Turquesa. Cancun, Mexico.
1997 Paisajes ideológicos cubanos (Cuban Ideological Landscapes). Gallery of the Higher Institute of Art, Havana, Cuba.

Group Exhibitions
2011 50 en los 50 (50 in the ‘50s). La Acacia Gallery, Havana, Cuba.
Sin irnos por las ramas (Without Beting the Bush). La Acacia Gallery, Havana, Cuba.
Caminos (Roads). Martínez Villena Hall, Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), Havana, Cuba.
Marinas (Seascapes). Palacio de Lombillo Gallery. Havana, Cuba.
La herencia Africana (The African Heritage). Residence of the Head of the U.S. Interests Section, Havana, Cuba.
2010 Los fríos. Monstruos devoradores de energía (The Cold Ones. Energy Devouring Monsters), San Francisco Square, Seville, Spain.  
Homenaje al maestro (Tribute to the Master). Landscape Salon, celebrating the 170th birth anniversary of the great distinguished Esteban Chartrand. White Hall of the Convent of St. Francis of Assisi, Havana, Cuba.
Paisaje en La Acacia. De la academia a la contemporaneidad. (Landscape in La Acacia). From the Academy to Contemporariness). La Acacia Gallery, Havana, Cuba.
2009 Paisaje a la vista (Landscape in Sight). Museum of Colonial Art, Havana, Cuba.
Pura coincidencia (Pure Coincidence). Tenth Havana Biennial, Pavilion 24, Expocuba fairground, Havana, Cuba.
2008  Derechos de la naturaleza (Nature’s Rights). Alexander von Humboldt’s House, Havana, Cuba.
2007 ARTCUBA 07. Salon of the Lost Steps, Palace of the United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland.
Artcuba… bis. White Hall of the Convent of St. Francis of Assisi, Havana, Cuba.
Vindicación del paisaje. Exposición colectiva con  motivo de la Mesa Redonda S.O.S Bahía 10 (Vindication of the Landscape. Group exhibition on the occasion of  the round table “S.O.S. Bahía 10”), Historical-Cultural Complex  Morro-Cabaña, Havana, Cuba.
Nuevo milenio. Artistas cubanos contemporaneous (New Millennium. Contemporary Cuban Artists). Alovera, Gallery, Guadalajara, Spain.
Frío cubano (Cuban Cold Weather). Alovera Gallery, Guadalajara, Spain.        
Monstruos devoradores de energia (Energy Devouring Monsters). Traveling exhibition. House of America, Madrid, Spain; Grand Palais, Paris, France; Triennial of Milan, Italy.

2009 Art Moscow. 13th International Art Fair. Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia.
2007 SP Arte. International Art Fair. Biennial Pavilion, Ibirapuera Park, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Acknowledgments and prizes
2004 First prize, Sixth Painting Contest. Nicomedes García Gómez Foundation, Segovia, Spain.
1996 Mention at the City Salon, 11th Edition, Havana, Cuba.
1995 Mention, Prize “The Young Print”, Havana, Cuba.
1990 Mention. National Fine Arts Salon of Fine Arts of Medium Level Students. Havana. Cuba.
1990 Medal and diploma. The 8th International Art Exhibition for Children and Young People. Hyvinkaa. Finland.


The theme of the Cuban reality is on the base of my work. I am interested in pointing out and organizing in a very personal way ideas that arrive daily and that are part of the society we live in; events that seem peculiar to me and which, consequently, I can use and work with in the visual synthesis. At the same time I pretend to disclose different elements that may create a coherent and close dialogue with the spectator, like for example the history, politics or the simple mimesis of the visual references of the island of Cuba that are also present in my works. My works are a reflection of my insular nature, of my double experience of living on an island, and at the same time “isolated” by the specific geopolitical conditions of my country and of its commented ideology. It is in the sea where I find a more rational visual representation of my memory and of my existence, because I was born in a town by the seaside and its reflections remain on the cultural substrate of my experience as Cuban.

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